Day 5

          I got my badge today!  I went to work again today and got my assignments. I will be writing 46 country reports on adolescent health and mortality. Then, compiling a regional report with recommendations. I now understand how such a small team of four (the 3, plus including a man working in another country (Eritrea?!) right now, not myself) can get so much done – I have 6 weeks. I am looking forward to the assignment though and I’m already enjoying the topics I’m dealing with, hopefully this will help the time go by faster.

            I finally got four posts done on my blog, but am disappointed because videos will not post and it limits my pictures. I may end up trying to upload videos to youtube, then posting the link, but we’ll see on Monday. The school blog is giving me a difficult time, so only one thing got posted, but I emailed the guy over that aspect at UMN and he said he’ll work on it. I took work home for the weekend since I’m feeling a bit guilty…

            After work, Jenny and I took the bus to the FCC (French Cultural Center) to see it and we got to meet her friend, Clementine. Clementine is a chef at the center and may have a connection for us to get a 2nd cook.

Lastly, this is a bonus picture for the family members that asked if my hair is super curly with all the humidity. Yes, it is! This picture doesn’t even do it justice haha

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