Day 8 – 1 week down

 Today I have been in the Congo for a week!

 Today I had work and Jenny and I got soaked on the way in. The weather here turns faster than I’ve ever seen and I’ve lived in places where people say “wait a few minutes if you don’t like the weather, it’ll change.” I stayed at work late and got 2 videos to upload to Youtube and then got them linked to the blog. Yay! Now I’m working on exporting the others while I write so I can post them tomorrow, but I guess we’ll see. Here is the link to see the rain (just a warning, it doesn’t show it very well:

 Sante picked me up today since I missed the bus because of staying late and he had another guy form church with him so we had a great time visiting and I asked them questions. They took me past the newest church building in Brazzaville and I got to meet the bishop – he’s 25 years old! Then they helped me buy a card for my phone so I can call mom. He only charged me 2,000 too, so about $4. I will definitely have to do this more often!

I came home to still no electricity, so I’m eating up the pudding cups I bought – they’re very different than the ones in the US, but taste great. I’m also finishing the Cheez-it crackers and having a bottle of water – real healthy and nutritious haha  Alright, well I think this wraps it up for the night. Jenny and I are getting up early to workout again and I need some sleep. Plus, the electricity is on (for now) and it’s much easier to sleep with a fan on than roasting to death 😉

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