Day 10

Jenny and I got home tonight, looked up, and saw that our lights were on – electricity!!! We were so excited! Then, the second we got up the stairs and into the hall, it went out. We both literally let out a verbal and frustrated scream. It’s been almost 4 days and it’s definitely making things difficult…

 Charles, our new cook, made an incredible meal and left it on the table, covered for us. He also set the table and left papaya in the fridge for dessert – we’re thrilled with him!

 Our guards asked us for tinfoil tonight so they could try and fix the fuse… uh, we weren’t too hopeful. However, after about 2 hours – we have electricity!!! Just in time to go to bed, which means a fan 😀

I forgot to mention, on Monday (May 21) when we went to work and it was raining so hard, our driver put the heat on in the car full blast! We were dying and there was no rolling down the windows since even the smallest crack would soak you. Trust me, I tried. Let me explain the weather here it is always about 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit, that day, because of the rain, it was 83 F – definitely not the time to put the heat full on haha

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