Day 13

Today was pretty uneventful. I stayed home all day, but got all the wedding invite addresses transferred from the FB page wall to an excel spreadsheet 🙂 See, you can totally plan a wedding from central Africa as long as other people see to the details and you give your fiancé your password to set things up haha Everyone complimented me on our form page for addresses, but it was actually him just doing it from my account. He did do a great job though!

I did walk down and cross the street on my own today to get more credit for my phone. This may sound like the accomplishment that a 8 year old brags about, but it’s a big deal.  If you remember previously, you are trying to dodge the cars and they generally won’t dodge you. Being white can help though. As I was standing in the middle of the road on the line (yup, they’re the same thickness as they are in the states, just to give you an idea aka thin) and these cars were flying by me going 45 mph or so, a nice taxi driver slowed down a bit so I could run in front of him. I was also able to successfully buy my credits, in French, on my own. One of the guys kept telling me how beautiful I was, which was sweet considering I had no make up on, hadn’t gotten a shower, was running a high fever, was dizzy, and very pale haha

 So that was why today was uneventful – I have not been feeling well for about a week and last night I started having high fevers, chills, aches, etc. My bedroom is probably about 88F or so on average at night and I had to put on 3 blankets and was still shivering. My symptoms look like malaria (Jason did some research for me), but I’m on anti-malarials and it would be really fast to have developed it already…

 I forced myself to eat some lunch today. I’ve only been eating about once a day for the past few days, but this morning Jenny gave me some papaya for breakfast and then I made a little food for lunch – progress.

 I talked to Dr. G tonight and he thinks it’s part of the same bug that I’ve been fighting all week since it’s a bit soon to have malaria, but who knows. He said it could be one of thirty different things – it’s Africa haha Good point!

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