Day 14

 Jenny and I ran errands today since she was gone all day yesterday and I was so sick. The store is much more busy on a Sunday than on a Saturday, but went well and I feel like I know where almost everything is now. After the store we went to the pharmacy where Jenny watched as I tried to get mosquito repellent and band-aids. Here, everything is behind these very tall counters, so you have to ask, in French obviously, since you can’t see or point at things. The mosquito repellent took only a few seconds. The band-aids are another story. He first brought me anti-itch cream, then huge wraps that you would use for a sprained ankle, but bigger, then finally band-aids. Third, we went to the market – I went to the bread store next door and she told me to order 1,000 worth of bread. Well 3 baguettes and 2 loaves later, plus the cost of the bag put me at 900 and I figured that was close enough. The good news is that I again did all that French on my own.

 Then we went home and prepared for the Memorial Day potluck that the embassy was hosting 🙂

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