Day 15 – Happy Memorial Day!

I offically arrived in Brazzaville two weeks ago tonight.

Today is also Memorial Day in the United States! Last night, the embassy hosted a potluck for all the Americans that are living in Brazzaville. Most Americans that are here are employed by the embassy, but there were a handful or so of us that weren’t. Even the US Ambassador to the Republic of Congo came, although I had no idea that’s who he was at the time haha Jenny laughed and thought it was funny I didn’t know. Oh well! 

The potluck was very fun! We were there for 4 hours and they grilled hamburgers and chicken, people made salads, there were drinks, and people even made cookies, brownies, and cupcakes out of the things they had found at the store. It was great! They docorated the table in red white and blue and played American music – by this I mean music that is in English and was released in the States. I so wish I would have thought to take pictures, but it completely spaced my mind. Sorry :-/ I will start taking more though since this blog is being filled with a few too many words…

 Today was a very productive day at work for both work and address collecting for wedding invitations. Jenny finished work early so she texted me at 3pm to say she was leaving. I still had things I could do so I stayed… and stayed… and stayed. I ended up leaving at 7:30pm, which is over 12 hours after I left this morning.

Jason picked out a few books at the store to read, so we’re going to read them together. I downloaded them onto the iPad while I was still at work. I’m excited – at least it will kind of feel like we’re doing something fun together.

 Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that Jenny and I decided to treat ourselves yesterday. We bought two apples, one for each of us and they were heavenly! I realize apples are quite common in the states, but here they have to be imported and they cost around $2.50-3/per apple! That’s a treat you don’t indulge in much haha

I also decided to treat myself to a Twix bar I bought at the store. I picked out the least smashed one, but you can’t expect too much when they’re being shipped all the way here…

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One thought on “Day 15 – Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Patty W

    GREAT photo! You’re correct…the photos combined with your words really do tell the story. If/when able, post more photos. 🙂

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