Day 9

So, rather than starting with the beginning of my day, we’re going to start with the end. Jenny and I came home late again today since she had a meeting and I always have more I can do at work. Well, again, no electricity. On a positive note, I just successfully got a bucket bath and washed my hair – yes, with one bucket. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have very thick hair and that it comes to about my waist. It’s very difficult to get shampoo out of with a regular shower, so one bucket of water is quite the accomplishment. I got out of the shower and told Jenny who was just as excited for me haha

I finally got to meet Dr. P, my boss, who is now back from whatever WHO meeting he was at and I am pleased to announce that while I didn’t get to know him very well, he is just as nice as he seemed via email and on the phone.

Today, I finished the list of all the variables we should look at for each country in regards to all aspects of adolescent health for the continent of Africa and collected half the data and input it into excel. Now I need to work on the other half – who knows, maybe I’ll finish everything in less than 6 weeks…

So, good news about the electricity being out again – WHO, or more appropriately said, the UN, is giving us a generator. Since the head of the UN security came to inspect our place the other night, he’s informed them that our power does not always work. Lucky us, due again to who we work for and the lack of electricity being considered a breech of security, we will have a generator probably sometime tomorrow.

Also, good news, Jenny and I have hired a cook. Mama Valerie has too much to do already during a day and is finding it difficult to clean, do the laundry, and cook all in one day, so we hired a guy to come on M and W and to make enough food for 4 people each time. That will either give us dinner on T and Th, or lunch to take to work.

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