Day 16 – May 29

So, remember that bread we bought late on Sunday? It lasted a day and a half. This morning we went to have some and despite being put in a bag, up high and away from everything, it was covered in ants! This is pretty typical and Jenny and I have decided that the ants are coming in on the food :-/

My boss came to visit me for awhile today and we had a great conversation primarily about child marriages (40% of girls in the region) and teen pregnancy. Child marriages are measured in two ways – bring married or in union prior to 18 and prior to 15. Yes, both are quite common here and it is extremely problematic not only because of the pregnancy risk factor increasing, but because a person’s brain is not fully developed until they are in their early 20’s.

My fever came back today and I’m not feeling so hot again. After work, I tried to eat, but wasn’t really hungry. Charles, the man who does our cooking on Tuesdays and Thursdays, even left this (see picture) and I still couldn’t eat, but it was awfully pretty. Eventually I went to bed about 8pm so I could read and sleep. I have been extremely tried lately, regardless of how much I sleep. I am hoping it’s just the bug I have and that it will go away soon.

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