Day 23 – June 5

Today I stayed home and rested. I slept in, washed my hair, read, took a nap, read, and went to bed early. I am not seeing any improvements except that my lymph nodes are a tiny bit smaller. Jenny gave me a thermometer today and asked me to take my temp. I told her I was pretty sure it was gone, but when I checked it was still over 100 F. My boss called a few minutes later to see how I was and to ask if I still had a fever. I told him I did, but that it was very low. He told me not to worry about coming in until it was gone. I’m getting a bit frustrated since I’d much rather be sick at my own apt. Plus, I’ve had a fever off and on for weeks, it could be a lot more time before it’s gone and I don’t want to be sitting here in the Congo wasting my time being sick at the house.

Maman Valerie was so sweet, she was here to do laundry and cleaning and she did my room while I was reading so I could go back to bed if I wanted and I did. She also washed and changed the sheets to see if that would help me get better quickly too. She really is a mom to Jenny and I while we’re here.

Jenny was sweet. She sent out for beer and got me some soda too to change up my fluid intake of water all day haha Then she played DJ with my iPod on her speakers since she took it running (her iPod was almost dead) and she’s fallen in love with all the variety and quantity of songs. It was nice to have some company and just enjoy the moment a bit.

After she left, I gave Poppy and Grammy Pat a call. I’ve been missing them and needed someone to talk to and I knew they wouldn’t mind. Poppy answered and asked me all sorts of questions about my symptoms. He’s good! When I would tell him the bottom of my lungs hurt, he asked about the back of my lungs, which was also hurting. When I told him about the headaches being at the top of the head and throbbing, he asked if I had it behind my eyes at all, which I did. Maybe he’ll be able to figure it out. He thinks it’s a virus, but thinks the antibiotics are a good idea anyway since it will knock out anything that could be secondary.

Grammy Pat and I chatted too and she said regardless of what I decide to do, they won’t care and that they’re proud of me. (Depending on how sick I get, or how much longer it lasts, I may have to look into leaving the Congo earlier than planned.)

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