Day 24 – June 6

I got to talk to Jason last night, finally! I was still reading when he texted and said he was out of class (early). It was so nice! He can always make me smile and laugh and I needed it last night! I got off the phone with him and knew I’d be okay a bit longer. He said to do whatever I needed to and that while he’d love to have me come home early, he isn’t asking me to and doesn’t need me to. He’s always quite the diplomat!

Today I slept in, kind of, read, watched a tv show series that my roommate has. It’s called “Twin Peaks” and I haven’t decided what I think yet, but at least it gives me a break from the non-stop reading. The acting is either really over done or very bad, so it makes the whole thing humorous, but annoying on occasion too haha

I’m frustrated today. I just got off the phone with mom. I called to see how Lexi and Lydi are doing after having their tonsils out yesterday, but then mom asked how I was and I told her I was angry, then I started crying, etc. It was a roller coaster of emotions. I’m frustrated that I’m not getting any better, still running a fever, don’t feel like eating, don’t drink as much as I probably should because my throat hurts to badly, etc. Then all this time in the house feels wasted because I’m falling behind at work, I could be spending this time at home, etc. I’m feeling very stressed out and frustrated and wishing that I wasn’t in this country right now.

I also had to be kind of rude to a guy tonight. When I taught the health lesson for the embassy, I was asked by one of the young men for my phone number. I explained that I would not be giving my phone number out, only my email address. A few minutes later, the Branch President introduced himself, so I moved him away from the crowd and gave him my number. Well, this young man, listened to our conversation and wrote down my number. He now has been texting me randomly during the week hoping I’m having a good day, that we can get together soon, etc. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first and left it alone. However, now he keeps asking me to go to church with him. I still gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured he is just a very Christian man who wants to ensure I have somewhere to worship. I have explained three times now that I have a church here, but thank you for the offer. He continues to insist I meet with him. Finally, I got Jenny’s thoughts on the subject and she just started laughing. She said “he’s courting you! Duh!” Oh dear!!! I immediately texted him, told him that I knew what he was doing, that it was highly inappropriate since he knew I was engaged and not to contact me again. Well, of course he text messaged me a few more times, but has now stopped…

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