Day 26 – June 8

I went to work today primarily to check email before the weekend and also to check back with the doctor. The doctor told me that a “specialist” was coming in from the city later and that he’d like me to see him instead. (The “specialist” idea is very different here. In the states, that phrase is generally used when someone has received additional training in a specific area. I haven’t figured it out here but these “specialists” do not have any additional training or emphasis in their schooling so I’m not sure what he means by “specialist.”)

I saw the specialist and in all honesty, I’m still not impressed. He again only used a tongue depressor to look at my throat. He did say that my tonsils were very red, swollen, and had a lot of white on them. He has changed my prescription (I had to tell him about the penicillin issue too) and has ordered blood tests to be taken Monday.

Jenny left town today, so I called Santi to pick me up so I could go to the pharmacy. I told him to pick me up at 4pm because I was sick and  needed to go to the pharmacy before it closed… he didn’t come until 5:20pm! Normally I wouldn’t care, but of all the days to do that. I’m exhausted, don’t feel good, and really just wanted to get my medicine and go home. When we crossed the bridge, we saw a Congolese man fishing in some water that feeds into the Congo River, but the most entertaining part was all the Chinese men crowded around him – I tried to get a picture, but it’s kind of hard to tell. I had him take me to the pharmacy anyway and was able to get all of the medicine I needed right before it closed. I then walked from the pharmacy to Park N Shop, a few blocks away. I did all of my grocery shopping so that I don’t have to leave the house again until Monday. Then I caught a cab and went home. I made some food, even though I still don’t have much of an appetite, started the new meds, watched some more Twin Peaks, and went to bed early. Hopefully all this resting, food, meds, fluids, etc will knock this bug out! I’m getting really discouraged.

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