Day 31 – June 13

Today Jenny and I went to work late because we had to go all the way downtown to go to the ATM. There is an ATM at WHO that will work with our American debit cards, but it hasn’t been working for a week and both she and I were essentially out of cash. In this society, that means you’re broke since only cash can be used. Well, once we got to WHO, we found out they had just finished fixing the ATM haha Glad we took that hour long round trip to get cash this morning haha

I met with the man who is over all tobacco issues on the continent and there is some brand new data that is just being analyzed. He is going to get me this brand new data for my report, which is very exciting. Jenny texted me that I should call her around 11am and when I did, I found out that she was wondering if I could come sit with her while she donates blood since she has a tendency to faint. I was so excited she asked! Jenny is a a bit guarded and wasn’t sure what to do with someone who is “so positive, energetic, upbeat, and bubbly” (her phrasing). She has come to trust me and see me as a friend – it’s great! We waited for awhile, but the line was moving incredibly slowly, so we headed back to our offices and decided to meet at 12:30pm to have lunch together. It was really fun to spend so much time chatting and to know that she’s opening up a bit.

After work, we got off the WHO bus early to go to the market to buy eggs. No matter how much I go to the market, I always feel uncomfortable. Plus the market, with two white women in heels and business attire is probably a record where we were and would have made the papers, if they had one. We of course get asked for money and I even had children coming up and touching my bottom over and over again, grabbing at it because they wanting money.

When we got home, I played DJ for Jenny, at her request, while she made chocolate mousse for a dinner she is going to tonight.

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