Day 34 – June 16

Jenny is leaving for Geneva today for a conference. It was kind of last minute.  This morning we chatted while she organized files. Then we chatted in her room while she packed – we laid out outfits for each day and activity and picked out jewelry etc. She had most of it done, but wanted my thoughts. She went to hold up a necklace on one of the dresses and it basically burst sending beads EVERYWHERE! We spent quite awhile trying to find them all and eventually I found the missing two, so she is going to try and get it fixed while she is in Geneva. She is also going to pick me up some concealer. I brought tons of extra everything with me, but ran out of concealer this morning, only to realize that I forgot to bring extra…

Today I began my formal French lessons. The man speaks a little bit of English, so we’re able to get by with my dictionary. I found the practice of pronunciation to be beneficial, so I have scheduled him to come tomorrow, Monday, and Wednesday. I didn’t want to do tomorrow, but he wants to practice conversing and said that’s the best day. He is only available every other week, so I figured I might as well agree since I won’t see him at all the following week. I am paying him 2500 per hour, or about $5, which is a much better deal than I could ever get in the states!

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