Day 37 – June 19

So today was a pretty usual day – work, working out, and reading. However, I remembered a few things I forgot to say… I keep notes in a few different spots all day long and sometimes I forget to check all the spots when I write at the end of the day.

On Saturday (June 16), the tailor dropped off my dress while I was out running errands. I still think it makes me look kind of fat, but Jenny has assured me that it looks wonderful! It will be the dress that I wear to my friend’s traditional wedding. It is sad here though, the traditional dress seems to be disappearing. The younger women are more interested in dressing in Western fashions – jeans, tops, etc. and they generally only wear traditional clothes for ceremonies. Jenny and I were talking and she thinks that traditional dress that is now seen on a day-to-day basis will essentially disappear within 2 generations and unfortunately, I think she’s right.

On Thursday (June 14), I rode up with another man in the elevator and it only took him 1 floor to ask me whether I was married or not. I responded that I was and pointed the ring on my hand. He tried to continue the conversation, as they generally do, and I gave him a look of “are you serious?” and walked out the door. I’m pretty sure he’s never had someone reject his intentions before because he was shocked and I was hiding my ear-to-ear grin. Ha! Take that man who wants a mistress! Rejected! Haha it honestly felt really good to not be super polite for a few seconds.

On Friday (June 15), I forgot to mention that the taxi driver essentially told Jenny to get over herself and realize that life is tough and work is hard. It was hilarious! Generally in the US, people wouldn’t do that for fear they wouldn’t be paid or tipped, etc., but here, people are brutally honest. If they think you’ve gained weight they’ll say, “you’re getting fat.” Sometimes they’ll offer advice about what to do, but generally they’re just letting you know in case you didn’t notice. It’s very funny! It was incredibly awkward at first, but people do things similar to this so frequently that eventually you just get used to it.

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